Our specialized team

in the sector of Healthcare and Retail, work every day to improve the visibility, build strong and efficient brand on the Chinese market.


Everyday, innovating, optimising visibility, developing adapted tools and vivid design for brands are our main missions to improve your brand image.

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  • Surveys, market research (communication, branding distribution channels, consumer tests)
  • Brand Image Design
  • Healthcare Digital Strategy
  • Medical Communication (conception & production)
  • Market leading campaign
  • Deployment of sales tools (e-learning, edu-game…)
  • Boost Design and production


We provide with customized made services suited to your needs. Our team is qualified to innovate for your brand.

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  • Insight and Consulting
  • Designing brand images
  • Developping the customer experience
  • Driving customer loyalty
  • Increasing Social Media Interaction
  • Marketing and communicating leading campaigns
  • Conception, design and production of visual Merchandising, in Store campaign and Boost.